How much will you pay to for this comfy sushi plate sweater?

Here is the price tag.

$60,247 Yen ($509 USD)

The designer is from Switzerland, she created this handmade sweater because she loves the look and taste of sushi. Her goal is to create a 3D realistic sushi plate not by cooking, but by knitting. Although her shopping list did not mentioned the name of sushi she created, here is the list of our staff members who are experts in sushi culture with some imagination in guessing.

Middle and Left side: 2 Tuna sushi, 2 Salmon sushi, 1 Egg sushi, 1 Ikura sushi.

Right side: 2 Kappa maki, 1 Ginger, and 1 Wasabi.

And not forgetting the one chopstick on the top of the sushi plate, we assumed it is not replaceable even it does look like it.

The sweater is obviously quite expensive for most people, but did put her entire heart into creating this piece of artwork. In addition, I don’t think you can find many 3D designed sweaters that can be knitted that perfectly.

The shirt will be displayed in an upcoming major international yarn exhibition in Italy, from January 27th to 29th. You can place international orders through her online shop Yuliya Wim Merlin.

The designer did not expect the sweater would makeone of her dreams come true. With the help of media coverage's attention and the success with her clothing shop, she was able to move to live in Japan! Now, she can eat some real original quality sushi, and probably other type of sushi sweaters will be coming up in the future.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.

yuliyawimmerlin / @dasasweater