Japan is no stranger to interesting fashion items, especially when it comes to tights and stockings. And while you may now be familiar with all sorts of cat and fox themed leggings, you may be searching for a breather from the constant deluge of kawaii. Well, search no longer, because online store Mam Avante Garde is shaking things up with stockings featuring Japanese tattoo art, Buddhist Sutra, and Japanese Demon masks.

The online store features a series of stockings and leggings, with a few incorporating "Wagara" (Traditional Japanese patterns) as a theme for several items. Of particular note are these "Hannya" patterned stockings. A Hannya is a mask used in Japanese Noh theater, and typically represents a vengeful and jealous female demon. As if that weren't enough to make an impact on its own, the Hannya is surrounded by writing that make up a Buddhist Sutra. The pair is marketed as a unisex item, and recommended especially for men.

If you're looking for a similarly dark and cool pattern to warm your legs with, but the Hannya isn't your favorite demon, maybe you'll be interested in rocking the Gashadokuro (starving skelton), gigantic skeletons made from the bones of humans who have starved to death.

On the lighter side of things is the Senju-Kannon (千手観音), the thousand-armed goddess of mercy.

And hopefully the Fenghuang (鳳凰), or Chinese Phoenix should be enough to ward off the Winter chill by virtue of its name alone.

While a lot of cool and fascinating fashion items from Japan are hard to obtain from abroad, Mam Avante Garde is keeping customers from all over the world in mind by offering international shipping and payment via PayPal. So if you're looking to spice up your Winter look with some awesome figures from Japanese mythology, take a look at these items that range from 2,052-2592 yen (roughly $17-22 U.S.).

By - grape Japan editorial staff.