Has it ever been your dream to run down the halls of an all-girls school, exposing your naked self to school girls while trying to avoid getting kicked in the balls? If so, then, uh, you should probably do whatever it takes to neuter that urge, because you've got some perverted and potentially harmful issues, dude! But if you just wanted a simulation of that strangely specific experience, then here is the game for you--Naked Run.


Source: Nico Video

Naked Run is a fan-made adult game (this often happens with niche fetishes in Japan) by Japanese internet user Pball4. It's actually supposed to be somewhat erotic in nature, as Pball4 states on Twitter that he is a maker of ball-busting and CFNM CG art, and that Naked Run is one of several forays into those fetishes. Because of that, it's available for free download on Japanese adult media download site DMM.R18, but claims to be playable by all ages. You can decide whether you agree with that or not by hearing the game's premise and goal:

You must run naked through the hallways of an all-girls school, and successfully expose yourself to terrified schoolgirls while avoiding ball-kicks from the female hall monitors.

What? Not sold just yet? Well, we can't exactly blame you, considering that that would get you arrested in the real world (and essentially sterilized, judging by those heels!), but if you find any dark humor in it all, maybe you can see the appeal in this sample video and screencaps below.

Note: You may need a Nico Nico account to watch the following video, if you can't watch it, check the screencaps below.

Run up and show your junk to as many school girls as possible (with traumatic results)


Source: DMM.R18

Avoid the deadly hall monitors! (Their numbers increase the further you progress)


Source: Nico Video

Get caught and THIS happens! Ouch!


Source: DMM.R18

Once you lose your balls, you lose the game!


Source: DMM.R18

Given the tastes of the developer, it's a win-win situation--you either get the freedom of being naked around a bunch of clothed women, or the, um, stimulating reward of a swift kick to nads. While no coins come out, we can confirm that strangely satisfying bell-ring sounds off when you get kicked.

Well, there you have it--a breakdown of a virtual fantasy and crazy video game world that we hope won't influence your real-world activities. If playing this out helps you keep yourself robed (and your balls safely intact) then head on over to DMM.R18, where you can try (it may be IP sensitive to certain countries) download the game for free. (It's the orange button marked ダウンロード in the top right-hand corner)

By - grape Japan editorial staff.