Source: YouTube

Fun But Frightening: BB-8 Versus Corgi

BB-8, a new droid character that appeared on the latest Star Wars movie "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" has proven to become a very popular figure, both in the movie and as a toy.

And it seems that the popularity is not limited to people, but also to animals. Social media is now filled with videos of dogs and cats playing with toy BB-8. This Corgi, is having his encounter with a new icon of Star Wars.

BB-8 is rolling and moving around as it would. While dogs usually like round things that rolls, this Corgi is a bit scared; perhaps because BB-8 moves in unexpected ways.


"I want to chew on it, but I'm scared... But I still want to play with it!"


At the end, BB-8 goes underneath the sofa. Don't tell me now that you're disappointed, dog! I wonder if they will ever come to appreciate each other...


By - grape Japan editorial staff.