Let's face it, we'll probably never be as cool as Megaman. We can't double-wall-jump, we can't blast our enemies with a hand-cannon, and we definitely aren't called "Rock Man" in Japan. Fortunately, the gap between us normal folk and little blue man coolness is being bridged by these new official Mega Man LED HD headphones, available via EMIO.


Source: EMIO

While they may appear to be just some ordinary blue headphones with LED lights to the untrained eye, they are actually modeled after the iconic Mega Man helmet.

Just imagine killing it in the gym while rocking these babies


Source: EMIO

Maybe he was actually wearing them this entire time


Source: EMIO

Unfortunately, without detailed specs provided yet, it may be difficult for even Mega Man die-hards to commit to a purchase. It's also hard to tell if the $99 USD price tag is reflective of quality or novelty factor--or perhaps both. Either way, these headphones look like they would fit right on the head of our favorite blue battle robot.

They are limited edition, however, and are currently limited to shipping in the United States (which has a few Japanese Rock Man fans grumbling online), so those willing to nab them should probably look into it while you can. Ordering is available via PayPal.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.