Cleaning can be a drag, especially when you think your room’s still clean but other people are making you tidy up. While a lot of us may grudgingly accept the task just to stop everyone from badgering us, this little kitty knows that if you blatantly refuse, someone might come in and take the reins instead.

After being told by YouTubers and Reddit users that their room was getting a little “trashy,” YouTuber FrozenVegie decided to do some cleaning with his cat. The cat clearly did not agree with the other netizens, however — it immediately runs away before they even start, and attacks the evil garbage bag that’s trying to suck up all its precious scraps of tissue.

“About time we take care of that, whatddya think?”


Source: YouTube

“No, come, come back here...”


Source: YouTube

“Could you put that in the trash for me?” *points with foot*


Source: YouTube

“You helped make this mess, you can help clean it up… hey!”


Source: YouTube

“I guess I’ll do it myself.”


Source: YouTube

This could be a new tactic you can use next time someone bothers you about cleaning up. But just remember one thing — most of us humans aren’t as cute as this cat. If you’re confident that you are, though, by all means try it, and let us know how it goes.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.