I like things that are toasted. The little crunch that simply adds up another layer of taste. That’s why a big and huge toast bread backpack from Village/Vanguard was born. Obviously, it is not edible.. but hey! It is not entirely a bad idea to fool around with your friends by making them hungry as they stare at the realistically yummy toast bread on your back.

Your choice of toppings on your toast bread.

Toast bread backpack with egg topping sells at 3,240 yen ($27 USD).

Don't worry, it is well toasted on both sides, and even the rounded edges.

Toast bread backpack with butter topping sells at 1,080 yen ($9 USD).

I don't know why eggs cost more than butter, but anyhow, both of them are considerably cheap for a backpack. You can find the yummy toast bread backpack at their online shop Village/Vanguard.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.