I’m sure we’re all grateful for socks for always keeping our feet warm and toasty, but doesn’t it suck when you suddenly realize that your favorite pair has actually become hole-ridden and highly unfashionable? Well, after you see the masterpieces of Japanese Twitter user @basilsauce, you’ll be looking forward to the day you find a giant hole in your sock, even in your most beloved pair.

It all started with one tweet:

Once I started patching up the holes in my socks, I couldn’t stop. Now they look like this. I've worn these two pairs for over 20 years, and fixed the third pair for a friend. Oh, but I do buy about 2 new pairs every year.

... 20 years?? That’s a long time to wear the same pairs of socks, but with the way she’s patched them up, you gotta admit they’re pretty adorable.


Source: @basilsauce


Source: @basilsauce


Source: @basilsauce


Source: @basilsauce


Source: @basilsauce


Source: @basilsauce

By patching the holes up on your own, you won’t have to keep throwing out and buying new socks every time one ends up with a hole. Plus, you’ll have created a unique pair of socks, one that screams cozy and cute all at the same time.

The best part is, it’s so easy to do on your own.

Tools you’ll need:


Source: @basilsauce

The how-to:


Source: @basilsauce

The image is relatively self-explanatory, but here’s a breakdown of it just in case you find some parts confusing:

1. Start stitching horizontally about 2 mm away from the hole in the shape of a square. Make sure you leave about 2 cm of loose thread on each end.

2. After you’ve created horizontal lines, weave vertically.

3. To finish, first thread the needle back to the inside of the sock. Then, making sure the ends don’t come undone, pass the thread through the weaving on the back side and cut off any excess thread. Or, we’re pretty sure you can just tie a knot.

(*@basilsauce recommends keeping the horizontal weaving loose, while making the vertical weaves tight.)

The technique is really simple, but the simplicity leaves lots of room for you to be as creative as you want. When you’ve mastered the circle, you can experiment with different shapes and various types of yarn!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some socks to wear out.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.