No wonder Akihabara, Tokyo is commonly known as a spot that could shake the Japanese economy. The famous anime product shopping area recently had fired up something superbly cool thing for Anime lovers. A people size anime figure that cost 1,980,000yen, ($16,500 USD). That’s right! Welcome to the Otaku world.

Her name is Katou Megumi, an anime character from “Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend." A school girl, despite being good-looking, is otherwise so ordinary that she does not stand out in class at all. But she has a lot of interactions with the main character Tomoya Aki, who works part-time to fund his Otaku lifestyle, and recruits Megumi to star in his game creation.

Collectable Megumi Stats: Height 158cm (5.1 feet), weight 28kg (61 lbs).

The pre-production of small Megumi figure.

An anime figure that costs the same amount as a car, there has to be something interesting to offer. The appearance is unquestionably cute and beautiful, but the key behind this magnificent artwork is the hidden shadow that takes the 3D realism level to another dimension. A great godly present for Otakus! Heck, you can even hang out with Megumi everyday in an arm-in-arm relationship. But!.. with only ten figures being sold in the world, it is lottery base for applicants.

While most people may think the cost sounds ridiculous for a figure, if it is something you love and passionate about, you might even think it is rather a cheap deal.

If you can't afford the people size Megumi or might not have the luck to be chosen, don't worry! Here is an alternative choice of a smaller one that cost only 10,800yen ($91 USD), atAniplexplus.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.