The craftsmanship of Japanese food samples has risen to an actual art form, each sample identically resembling their delicious, real-life counterparts. Usually made out of plastic (although they used to be made from wax), the food samples frequently appear in display cases of restaurants and other establishments that serve food throughout Japan.

The handmade replicas undoubtedly require some major skills to perfect, but like all that have achieved excellence, food sample craftsmen complete their creations with inimitable ease and quickness.

Appreciation for the art of Japanese food samples has spread worldwide, and there are now food samples that can be bought and enjoyed by people outside of Japan who don’t have the need for life-size replicas.

Japanese company Hatanaka is one such manufacturer that caters to both restauranteurs and foodies. Specializing in food samples of all kinds, they provide samples for displays as well as unique accessories that can be shipped worldwide from Saitama Prefecture.

Their creations include everything from jewelry to magnets and card/note holders. However, due to their explosive popularity, many of their items are currently sold out.

Omusoba (omurice and yakisoba) necklace

Bell pepper earrings

Admittedly, some of their accessories are stranger than the others (omusoba headband, anyone?), but in terms of how realistic they look, they’re unparalleled.

Considering the mastery that went behind all of these items, the prices aren’t unreasonable either. You can get a pair of sunny side up egg earrings for 1,600 yen (13.50 USD) or, if you’re looking to splurge, a sashimi necklace for 8,800 yen (74 USD).

Which one satisfies your appetite?

Pasta earrings

Pudding necklace

Sashimi necklace

Pancake ring

Ramen strap

Fried rice and pilaf card holders

By - grape Japan editorial staff.