Yuka Kinoshita is a big eater. She eats competitively and is featured often on Japanese television, where she devours extraordinary amounts of food and is referred to as a "gluttonous beauty" (大食い美女, oogui-bijou). Some of her past notable (and downright Herculean) feats include attempts at 100 hamburgers, 100 chicken nuggets, and 7 pounds of yakisoba--drenched in mayonnaise. But perhaps one of her most fascinating challenges yet is featured in her latest video: eating over 7 pounds of sticky and slimy natto, paired with mounds of rice and miso soup.

If you aren't familiar with natto, there are many that would tell you that you should consider yourself lucky. It's a traditional Japanese food that consists of fermented soy beans, and is known to be an acquired taste because of its strong flavor, potent smell, and slimy texture.

While many Japanese people, who have eaten it since childhood, are used to it and value it as a health food, it remains one of the more interesting foods that Japanese people love to challenge foreign guests with because of its overwhelming nature. Once you warm up to it, however, you can enjoy a healthy food with nutty flavor, and its usually mixed with karashi mustard and green onions to help ease it up for your palette.

The video has a wide-range of subtitle options available, so you can follow her comments as she dives into this slimy (but healthy!) mess. She claims to stir up the natto 400 times (natto is stirred to unlock flavor and also because it's super sticky), and once she puts the huge miso soup serving, rice, and natto all together, it clocks in at 3.3 kilograms, which is over 7 pounds. Bon appetit!

What a beast! While somebody willing to put up with the inside of their mouth being that sticky is impressive enough, don't forget some of her other accomplishments.

Like the time she tried 100 hamburgers.


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Or seven pounds of yakisoba, slathered in mayonnaise!


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ALL the carbs.


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And of course, the greatest kids meal ever.


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Be sure to check out more of her inhuman feasting at her official YouTube channel. It'll either boost or destroy your appetite.

And it just goes to show you, even the petite can really eat!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.