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Lovely Taste! ITO’s Matcha Strawberry

Have you tasted matcha before? Different from loose tea leaf, it looks like powder. People sometimes even call it the Powder Tea. Traditional Japanese tea ceremony, centers on the preparation, serving, and drinking of matcha. Now, matcha has also come to be used for mocha, soba noodles, and even green tea ice cream!

One of the oldest tea shops ITO is bringing the traditional matcha in mix with strawberry! ITO’s tea making started back from the Edo period, the production process having been inherited by every generation until now.

The strawberry is covered with high selected ITO’s matcha that used in two types of flavor, dark flavor and light flavor. The purpose of mixing the two high-quality matcha around the strawberry is to create a variety taste of enjoyment, from the bitterness of matcha and to the sourness of strawberry, with a final touch of a few drops of white chocolate to balance out the flavor through sweetness. The end result that simply shows the definition of why Japanese food is delicious, even to fruits.

The lovely ITO's Matcha Strawberry sells at 1,296yen ($11 USD), and will be available from February 2nd.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.