A self-admitted pedophile in Japan has founded a company to produce realistic child dolls, with the goal of helping other pedophiles control their sexual impulses. The marketing of these dolls and their supposed purpose are not at all in harmony, however.


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Shin Takagi says he has never acted upon his own attraction to children and hopes that and hope that his company Trottla, which produces life-like and anatomically correct child sex dolls, can help others struggling with similar urges to do the same. While treatments for pedophilia like cognitive-behavioral therapy and chemical castration supress urges, Takagi believes dolls that allow the urges to be acted upon are a viable option.

In an interview with The Atlantic, Takagi insists that “We should accept that there is no way to change someone’s fetishes...I am helping people express their desires, legally and ethically. It’s not worth living if you have to live with repressed desire.”


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The conflict is evident--attempting to quell urges relating to pedophilia by means of satisfaction, while believing that children should be protected. Takagi claims that he has found an audience, receiving letters from customers. "Thanks to your dolls, I can keep from committing a crime. I hear statements like that from doctors, prep school teachers—even celebrities.”

The company has existed for a decade, and shipped dolls--which replicate girls as young as five--around the world. Despite the claim of hoping to combat criminal pedophilia, Trottla's website actually states that dolls are not sex toys, but made for practical use. Takagi elaborated in his conversation with The Atlantic, saying “While most people buy dolls for sexual reasons, that soon changes for many of them. They start to brush the doll’s hair or change her clothing. Female clients buy the dolls to remind them of their past, or to reimagine an unfortunate childhood..."

While the above scenarios are not unthinkable, it is more than just a bit difficult to buy what Takagi is selling, particularly if one looks at the pictures on the manufacturer's website used to show off the models. They are graphic and not safe for work, but a quick look will show you dolls that are either nude or dressed up in lingerie with suggestive poses.


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Considering the dolls are advertised as having "ultra-precise reproduction of a small girl" and "a high degree of mobility and high durability", along with heating instructions--yeah, the idea that dolls advertised as sexual products, that are supposedly not sexual products, but will somehow quell the sexual urges of pedophiles--that smells fishy.


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Not to mention that in an interview with Vice conducted three years ago, when asked about how he would respond to those who find his dolls sick, Takagi produced this gem: "I expect many of these human beings either have mental problems. If you think our dolls are immoral, should we also remove all of the world’s nude sculptures, like the Statue of David, just for reproducing genitalia?"

Considering that this move to rehabilitate pedophiles and prevent criminal behavior didn't surface in his interview three years earlier, it may be fair conjecture to say that it is a recent development. And given the incompatibility between this new-found cause and previous insistence that these sexually marketed dolls are not for sex, it becomes very easy to doubt how solid these intentions are.

Any and all methods are welcome under the umbrella of discussion when it comes to the rehabilitation of pedophiles, but this seems to be framing that discussion with a disingenuous narrative. While it is possible that a serious endeavor is being made to suppress criminal pedophilia here, the shift in stances between interviews with Vice and the Atlantic, along with the conflict between Takagi's supposedly noble purpose and the way he markets the dolls significantly weakens the claim that the manufacturing of these dolls is done with the intentions being presented.


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By - grape Japan editorial staff.