Issey Miyake is a world-renowned Japanese designer, famous for his technology-driven designs, exhibitions, and fragrances. It is perhaps less known that he had a very close relationship with Ikko Tanaka, a highly influential Japanese graphic designer who died in 2002.

The two fostered a deep friendship over the years since they first met in the 1960s, and Miyake’s enduring gratitude and respect towards Tanaka gave birth to a new fashion series: IKKO TANAKA ISSEY MIYAKE.

Three of Tanaka’s masterpieces — Nihon Buyo (1981), The 200th Anniversary of Sharaku (1995), and Variations of Bold Symbols (1992) — were selected as motifs for the collection.

Nihon Buyo (1981)

The 200th Anniversary of Sharaku (1995)

Variations of Bold Symbols (1992)

By turning these works into three-dimensional pieces, the objective was to breathe new life and energy into Tanaka’s work, intensifying his vision in a new format without altering the original work itself.

Only the first round of the series has been released so far, but the line is said to eventually include coats, dresses, bags, and shoes. From what we can see now, we can be certain Miyake’s new collection is going to be another gorgeous one.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.