When you're far away from home and separated from friends and family, your survival instincts kick in and you always seem to gravitate towards the essentials. So this little tabby did just that, and got high.

After wandering away from home and somehow ending up in a pet store, this cute little cat definitely had his priorities in mind as he headed straight toward a catnip display, and proceeded to roll around in it--much to his own personal delight. While he did end up making a bit of a mess, it looks like things turned out well in the end--he got a free high and was eventually reunited with his owner, as per the video description.

This cat entered the pet store by accident and had the time of his life rolling around in catnip toys! Pure kitty bliss :D Oh, and his owner came to pick him up, so all’s well that ends well!

Good thing you can't overdose on being adorable!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.