Tokyo experienced some snowfall this morning. Although the amount of snowfall was less than 10 cm, it was enough for Tokyo's (otherwise pretty reliable) rail network had virtually came to a standstill.

Twitter has become a really great place to get a real feel of what it's like to be left stranded in Tokyo without trains.

You can't even get to the station.

Made it to the station? Good. Now, join the queue.

No, you are not waiting for an attraction at Disneyland...

Uh, where does the queue start... and end??

Made it through the ticket gate? Well too bad: still a long queue to the platform.

An hour to the train from here.

Yes, I see the train now.

Checking which rail line is affected...

Lines with orange highlight are affected line... Wait, that's like, EVERY LINE...

Doesn't it feel like as if radiant heat is coming out of each line? ...I guess not.

Okay, it's your turn to get on the train... But do you really want to be in this?

Just how many people do they stuff in this metal box, that it tilts?

Uh, zombies?

Okay. Train's ready to move. But it ain't going anywhere.

Train jam.

Meanwhile, in North of Japan is laughing.

Because their trains will run even in heavier snow.

Because Tokyo and its vicinity doesn't experience a lot of snow, and because of Tokyo's complex rail network (with many railroad switches that have a potential to go out of function due to snow, and LOTS of train in operation) even a small amount of snowfall can cause it to go out of control.

We hope we'll get to go home without the havoc tonight...

By - grape Japan editorial staff.