Little moments of happiness are somewhat of a regular indulgence for us to get through the bad times, but for this rescued Pit Bull, being able to let go of all worries in a relaxing bath under a loving roof meant something bigger.

We're sad to say that the Pit Bull featured in this video, named Rudy, is no longer with us. He was found in the streets of New York in critical condition. He was rescued and treated, before finding shelter in a foster home where warm moments like this relaxing bath were likely unknown to him. The video description looks back on the joy he was finally able to experience fittingly.

This is Rudy. In 2015, he was rescued by S.N.A.R.R. after someone found him on the streets of NYC in critical condition. We could go into the harsh details of this pup's injuries and ailments, but that isn't how those close to Rudy would want him to be remembered. After his rescue, this poor dog was placed into a foster home where he received a great deal of love and pampering.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.