Valentine’s Day is less than a month away, and like every year, it’s sure to be a big deal here in Japan. A Japanese Valentine’s Day usually consists of women and girls flocking to stores for cute dessert kits and decorative wrapping paper, a rush of sweet anxiety felt in anticipation for the day they’ll give their handmade delectables to a special someone.

Women who don’t have a significant other might still hand out chocolates — called tomo-choco (chocolates for friends) or giri-choco (obligatory chocolates) — to their friends, coworkers, and maybe even bosses.

So basically, it’s a busy time of the year for us girls. Guys get their chance to confess their love and appreciation too, but not until White Day, which comes around on March 14th.

Rilakkuma Chocolate Cake Kit

Perhaps one of the greatest saviors of this time of the year are the dessert kits. Japanese YouTuber decocookie recently came across the Morinaga Rilakkuma Chocolate Cake Kit at her local supermarket, one of the many dessert kits now available in stores. Cute and delicious, this chocolate cake can be made in the microwave — perfect for kids and people without ovens!

decocookie writes that she bought this particular kit for just 500 yen (4 USD). Although you might not be able to find the same one at your local supermarket, those living outside of Japan might be able to find something similar at a nearby Asian supermarket.

And if you fail to find anything remotely close to this product, you can still try cutting out a Rilakkuma stencil to make your own Rilakkuma cake! Now you can get a head start on this year’s Valentine’s Day.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.