Japan’s first snowfall of the year hit heavily two days ago. Schools, constructions, and works were either delayed for hours or cancelled. As much chaos was going around, a Shiba Inu was hidden in the woods.., waiting for someone to rescue him.

Where is he?

Wait... I think we found something!

Oh dear...!

The Shiba Inu seemed to evacuate from his home and was hidden underneath an umbrella sized tree. Wise decision! As there might be a possibility the circumstances turned out like this(picture below), in front of his small door.

The tweets from the owner said that the Shiba Inu was frightened and escaped because of the sound of the snowfall. He always ran to the entrance front door whenever he hears it.

On the other side, a tweeter replied and suggested saying that dogs are sensitive to sounds, especially if they hear something wrong happening, but they love snow! Furthermore, mid-size or above dogs have strong resistance against cold, therefore, there's no worries about it!

Either way, we are glad the Shiba Inu safely returned to his owner's home.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.