Photoshop may be the key software tool for most designers, but this brilliant artist has a different view of it. She uses the commonly known number software tool “Excel” to achieve her drawings. In fact, most of her paintings are Japanese traditional art, which means it can be hard enough to process with Excel, since it is used for calculating numbers, and not for making images.

To be clear, she is currently using Microsoft Excel 2010, and said that if you focus on the shape tool, you can achieve the same result..

Her newest Excel painting is the 坂田怪童丸 (Sakatakaidoumaru) by the original author 金太郎(Kintarou), a widely known Edo-period traditional painting that was drawn to celebrate the Boy’s day (May 5th) in Japan. The hope is that boys can be strong and healthy while they grow up.

Here is the link if you are interested in the making process or want to be an Excel Artist.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.