One and the only Ghibli's creator Hayao Miyazaki, who has a number of awards and titles on his back, such as Academy Award, Golden Bear award, and couple nominations and prizes in the United States, recently showed images on Twitter of himself struggling through the process of creating artwork.

He kept repeatedly complaining to himself, saying his work is annoying, and it goes on over and over again during his creation progress.

Here is a glimpse of the world of Miyazaki.

okay.. this is going to be annoying.


ahh... so annoying..


really annoying..


honestly this is too.. annoying..


No wonder he can produce such high-quality and touching animated movies. A level of high demand of himself, in creating little detailed pieces of art then magically combining them all together. This is Hayao Miyazaki, a legendary artist, but still a human who is now 70 years old and has been trying to find someone who can possibly replace him for some rest in his remaining years of life.

A fan replied,

People who quit because it's annoying are Amateurs, and people who still made the accomplishment even when it's annoying or difficult are Professionals. At most, people who can still continuously continue are what you called "Talented."

Thank you Miyazaki, we understand it's a lot of work and annoying, but we sincerely look forward to your new movie.


By - grape Japan editorial staff.