Like many other places, Starbucks has become a household name in Japan. With around 22,000 stores across the globe, that is not surprising.

But out of all these stores, the one store that is revered as the most beautiful is actually in Japan.

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World's best Starbucks

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This is Toyama Kansai Park store, located in Toyama prefecture.

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Awarded the "Best Store Design Award" in 2008

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Located within the beautiful park, this Starbucks store seems to blend in with the beautiful green pasture of the park.

The warm timber-textured interior enclosed in large walls of glass. One of the goals of the store was to fit in to the environment and culture of the park.

Winning the best store design award in 2008, it is now known by many as the world's most beautiful Starbucks.

A great view from the store

On a fine day, you will get to see Tenmon Bridge (one of the symbols of the park) from the terrace. Come nighttime, the bridge will be illuminated, which would make your coffee experience at the park a bliss.

Even the store itself lights up; the way the store stands in the darkness of the park is both wonderful and romantic.

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The lighting also changes depending on the time of the year.

Have your favorite Starbucks coffee at world's most beautiful Starbucks store

It must be a really good feeling to have your favorite Starbucks drink while you sit in this beautiful store, surrounded by nature.

It is only a 15-minute walk from Toyama station, so if you are visiting Toyama, do stop over for a visit.

Starbucks Toyama Kansui Park
Open hours: 8:00 - 22:30
Days closed: Irregular

By - grape Japan editorial staff.