A tweet with one photo had caught the attention of many.


Source: Engrish.com

Who's collected the 7 balls?

It appears as if Shenron from Dragon Ball was summoned. Shenron can only be summoned when 7 Dragon Balls are collected; when he is summoned, Shenron will grant 3 wishes.

People have been commenting on the tweet, asking to grant their wishes, such as "bring Krillin back". The photo itself was taken in Nagoya in 2012; perhaps the reason why people still talk about the photo is the power of Shenron.

Phoenix appears

A huge phoenix-shaped cloud with the sun in the back is very mystical and godly.

This photo was taken by German photographer Michael Fietz; it has the title "Dove of Peace".

Source: Michael Fietz

Another dragon flying in the sky


Source: geekweek

This cloud was actually formed when the space shuttle "Discovery" was launched into space on April 5, 2010. Although this cloud was not naturally formed, many people in East Asia believe that dragon-shaped cloud is a sign of good fortune.

It might give you good fortunes too!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.