Late night Japanese television shows have often provided a gold mine on the internet for those looking to satisfy their "WTFJapan" sweet-tooth, and a recent vignette featured on the Monday Night Late Show (月曜から夜ふかし、Getsuyo kara Yofukashi) is a clear stand out in the weird Japanese television hall of fame.

The show is a bit hard to explain, but an easy to digest gist is that it's a late night talk show hosted by Murakami Shingo (of boy band Kanjani 8) and Matsuko Deluxe (a sarcastic cross-dressing television personality), that give a platform to discuss some problems and issues of everyday people in prefectures across Japan. Topics are submitted from actual viewers in these prefectures who want them addressed, and once those situations get featured on the show, they are covered with dramatic attention and story-telling that make you forget you are watching a talk show sometimes.

Which leads us to the surprisingly gripping story of these naked university students. They were featured in a vignette that told their story: The group of friends had a tradition in their dormitory bathroom to slide around the edge of the hot bath (naked) and get to the other side. It was a tradition for them to compete in this sport, but with news that their dorm would be shutting down to be replaced with a new one, the TV crew of the Monday Night Late Show visited them to film their desperate attempts to get to the other side. The staff was stuck filming them for hours until they finally caught the majestic moment on film.


After the larger naked man finally successfully slid to the other side after hours of trying, he is swarmed by his naked friends in a moment of pure joyful triumph, and says "This feeling of accomplishment...I haven't felt this since I got accepted into university!"

And so, set to bid farewell to their beloved bathing room where they shared so many naked memories of athletic competition, this skin-tight group of friends can move on knowing that they finally triumphed together. The new dorm can be built from a foundation of success.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.