Cat lovers and those looking to just put a cutesy twist on their lingerie need look no further than the Cat Keyhole Bra Set, an anime and cat themed lingerie set that'll help you live out any cat-girl fantasies you may have. It's available for order now at Pocket Tokyo.


Source: Pocket Tokyo

The set is somewhat of a cat-themed lingerie amalgamation of other items you can find on the site, coming with a one-size fits all nylon bra top and panty set, along with a choker and optional, matching thigh high socks in either black or white. The center piece is, of course, the cat-shaped opening located right on the bust--that is if you don't count the whiskers.

No tail, but obviously somebody can't keep their paws off!


Source: Pocket Tokyo

While items in the set are available for individual order, all can be bundled together for $42.00 at Pocket Tokyo.

White set, pictured with choker.


Source: Pocket Tokyo

Cat ears peeking out above a woman's crotch is not the most subtle of statements, but we imagine that that's probably not a problem for anyone looking to get their hands on these. Those looking for similar designs can find a variety of them, not strictly limited to the feline type, at the Chinese manufacturer's website.

Black set.


Source: Pocket Tokyo

If you're not too busy looking at the more obvious show-casing of the goods here, then you'll notice that the laces of this set even end up as cutesy cat paws, making the feline motif present just about everywhere.


Source: Pocket Tokyo

By - grape Japan editorial staff.