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Japanese Twitter User Builds Gundam Model With TENGA

If you go down the right dark alley on the internet, you can find anything, and one Japanese Twitter user has decided to contribute to that dark den of surprises with a breakthrough of perverse art and engineering by crafting a modified Gundam Model from a flesh-light.

Tenga is Japan's leading flesh-light equivalent, and comes in a variety of differently ribbed "types" to provide for different, um, penetrating experiences. These include Deep Throat, Rolling Head, Premium Vacuum, and even an "American Size" that is comically large. Twitter user ZMD11S, judging from the pictures posted, has chosen to use a Super Fit Cup to create perhaps the most "unique" Gundam Model yet: The Hyaku Nuki. (This is a play on words--one of the most popular Gundam Mobile Suits is the "Hyaku Shiki," and "Nuki" is slang for masturbation in Japanese)

ZMD11S obviously put a lot of work into this, so it seems a bit sad that he offers up a warning: The Hyaku Nuki's Mega Bazooka Tenga can only fire once--which is the exact same amount of times Tengas are recommended to be used.

Armed and dangerous.


Source: @ZMD11

The Mega Bazooka Tenga.


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Well, props for the symmetry!


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The good 'ol reliable Super Fit Cup.


Source: @ZMD11

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