Source: kickstarter

Floating Bonsai Plants For Your Indoor Decoration

Japanese garden plants are beautiful and graceful. A small Japanese company from Kyushu has created a fun, magical twist on indoor gardening. By utilizing the opposing forces of magnetic energy they’ve created a levitating plant called Air Bonsai.

The Air Bonsai is made with two components, the “energy base,” made from Japanese ceramic, and the levitating “little star.” Both come with built-in magnets that enable the floating process. The base comes with an AC adapter for an electric plug-in to activate.

The creator Hoshinchu launched a funding campaign on Kickstarter to bring their product to the market. It appears that the basic Air Bonsai set starts at $200 and they are hoping to deliver it in August this year.

But note that the order only comes with the basic set that requires you to use your own plant. The workshop is offering different pre-made bonsai at higher pledge levels ($500-$1,000). But due to strict import restrictions, the plants will be bought locally and may likely differ from what’s shown in the picture.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.