Monthly subscription boxes are becoming increasingly popular these days, and if you haven’t found them already, there are a number of boxes filled with all things Japanese that you can have delivered right to your doorstep!

The boxes basically work like magazine subscriptions, except you receive a box of goods instead of something to leaf through. All you need to do is pay a certain fee depending on your desired subscription plan, and excitedly wait for your monthly gifts to arrive!

But there are so many different kinds of boxes, it’s not easy to decide which one to subscribe to. So we’ve put together a list of 5 monthly subscription boxes of Japanese items to make deciding a little bit easier.

Japan Crate


Source: Japan Crate


Source: Japan Crate

Japan Crate has two types of boxes you can choose from — the standard crate including Japanese snacks, or the Doki Doki Crate which sends you a monthly supply of everything kawaii.

Standard Crate: Comes in Mini (4-6 items), Original (8-10 items), and Premium (12-14). Prices start at 12 USD/month, depending on the selected subscription plan. The Original and Premium plans both include DIY snack kits, while the Premium box includes a special drink.

Doki Doki Crate: 30 USD/month. One box comes with 8-10 items of anything kawaii, from adorable plushies to collectible keychains, figures, apparel, miniatures and more.

Bonus: Subscribers of Japan Crate will automatically be entered for a monthly raffle with the chance to win a mega crate filled with snacks or kawaii items (depending on which box you are subscribed to)!

Website: Japan Crate



Source: Skoshbox

With Skoshbox, you’ll be able to choose between the original Skoshbox or the Dekabox. The original box comes with sample-sized snacks, while the Dekabox comes with full-sized snacks.

Original Skoshbox: Starts at 10 USD/month.

Dekabox: Starts at 20 USD/month.

Website: Skoshbox

Kawaii Box


Source: Kawaii Box

Subscribe to the Kawaii Box and you’ll get a boxful of 10-12 hand-picked kawaii items from Japan and Korea every month. Starting at 17.30 USD/month, each box comes with everything from candy to stationery and beauty accessories.

Bonus: Automatic entry into the Kawaii Megabox raffle, valued at over 100 USD.

Website: Kawaii Box

Japan Candy Box


Source: Japan Candy Box

Offered as the candy version of the aforementioned Kawaii Box, Japan Candy Box comes with 8-10 carefully selected Japanese sweets and snacks. Subscriptions start at 18.20 USD/month, and you’ll receive the cutest, quirkiest snacks from Japan.

Bonus: Automatic entry into the Japan Candy Megabox raffle, valued at over 100 USD.

Website: Japan Candy Box



Source: OyatsuBox

The OyatsuBox is available in three sizes — OyatsuBox Jr., OyatsuBox Original, and OyatsuBox Premium. One of the best things about the OyatsuBox is that two of the plans come with gachapon, or Japanese capsule toys. All boxes come with a leaflet detailing each item, so you’ll have all the information on your snacks right in your hands.

OyatsuBox Jr.: 3 full-size treats for 11.99 USD/month.

OyatsuBox Original: 6 full-size treats for 20 USD/month. Comes with 1 premium gachapon.

OyatsuBox Premium: 10-14 full-size treats for 30 USD/month. Comes with 1 premium gachapon and DIY candy kit.

Website: OyatsuBox

Did you find the perfect box?

If you love what you see but aren’t so sure you want to commit, you can rest assured that it’s possible to easily cancel your subscriptions at any time. And if you know someone who might enjoy these boxes, you can send a box as a gift!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.