When it comes to cat troubles, sometimes the best answer is to ditch human methods and just consult another cat!

In this video (split in two parts) from Japan, a woman is having some trouble with a small (and adorable) kitten that has gotten itself into quite a pickle exploring under the hood of a car! While the kitten certainly is small enough to navigate through the narrow spaces and even escape, it refuses to come out on its own. According to the video description, the woman tried coaxing the cat out from under the hood with the lure of food and even wiggling a cat toy, but to no avail.

Fortunately, she just so happened to run into an elderly neighborhood man and his cat. They then got the idea to use the cat's no-so-siren call as bait, and it looks like it worked like a charm, as in the video they can be heard noting that the poor little kitten is more interested in climbing toward the meowing cat, rather than the toy.

Looks like the kitten is just peeking out just enough...

Mission accomplished! That grab was scarily swift, but whatever it takes to bring the little cutie to safety.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.