If you’ve ever been to a Mister Donut in Japan, chances are you’ve seen that they often collaborate with popular characters to sell adorable, much-coveted original items.

Recently they’ve announced the first round of their next set of collaborative projects — this time, with Rilakkuma.

Misdo Rilakkuma Original Color-Changing Tumbler

Starting January 26th (February 2nd in Hokkaido), Mister Donut stores in Japan will be offering a special donut-and-tumbler set which includes the “Misdo Rilakkuma Original Color-Changing Tumbler.”

For 1,080 yen (9 USD), you’ll be able to take home 7 of your favorite donuts and pies and one of the two Rilakkuma original tumblers.


Source: Mister Donut

You can choose between Green and White, both with different Rilakkuma illustrations. What’s neat about the tumblers is that parts of the illustrations change color when you pour in a warm drink.


When a warm drink is poured in, the chocolate donut turns into a pink strawberry donut.


Source: Mister Donut


With the white tumbler, all the red hearts turn pink.


Source: Mister Donut

Both tumblers can contain 250ml of your favorite winter drink.

Get them before they're sold out!

Mister Donut

Set of 7 donuts and/or pies and 1 tumbler for 1,080 yen.

Starts January 26th (February 2nd in Hokkaido). Until supplies last.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.