The beginning of this year’s cold weather is bizarre. You and your faithful phone that helps you connect to your friends and family each day need warmth. Japan’s gachpon capsule toy machines found a solution to counter this problem. Their latest offering combines two of Japan’s most well-known creations, futons and Pikachu, and presents them in miniature form.

The mini-size Pikachu futon is available from February 5th for 400 yen (US$3.40). There are five different styles available, each with its own pillow attached so your smartphone has a comfy head space to rest on.

The fifth one is shown as an unknown question mark, where you have to spin the lucky wheel from the vending machines in order to reveal its identity.

The Pikachu futon size is 6.3 inch in length, 3.54 in width. A great way to keep your phone for a better rested for another day.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.