Kokeshi are wooden Japanese dolls said to have originally been made during the middle of the Edo period (1600-1868), although their origins are mostly unclear. The most distinct characteristics of these dolls are their lack of arms and legs, as well as their round, large heads.

Although they were first made as tokens of friendship containing written messages to be exchanged amongst friends, now they are more commonly sought out as decorative objects. With the myriad of kokeshi designs available today, these dolls are not only popular in Japan, but also throughout the world.

SKETCH.inc in England has created their own version of kokeshifamous celebrities, artists, and other influential people in the style of colorful Japanese dolls!

The dolls are called KOKESHI DOLL, and each are made from Beech wood, hand painted, and sealed with Satin varnish. They stand at 15.5 cm tall (6 inches), cost 35 pounds each (50 USD), and can be shipped worldwide.

These are just some of the dolls you can buy:

Coco Kokeshi (Inspired by Coco Chanel)


Source: SKETCH.inc

Ziggy Kokeshi (Inspired by David Bowie’s alter ego, Ziggy Stardust)


Source: SKETCH.inc

Gandhi Kokeshi (Inspired by Mahatma Gandhi)


Source: SKETCH.inc

Frida Kokeshi (Inspired by Frida Kahlo)


Source: SKETCH.inc

Stanley Kokeshi (Inspired by Stanley Kubrick)


Source: SKETCH.inc

Charlie Kokeshi (Inspired by Charlie Chaplin)


Source: SKETCH.inc

Amelia Kokeshi (Inspired by Amelia Earhart)


Source: SKETCH.inc

If you don’t see your favorite person you can request a custom doll, so there’s definitely something for everybody.

Now you can admire the beauty of a Japanese craft and your favorite celebrity at the same time!


£35.00 each. Ships worldwide.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.