Taking advantage of the recent snowy weather in Japan, Twitter user @yossy_photo recently traveled to Tohoku for the chance to snap some wintery scenes. Though the day started off with a slight detour, at the end of the day @yossy_photo ended up in Ginzan Onsen, a hot spring area in Yamagata Prefecture.

“Snowy Ginzan”

Ended up taking pictures in Ginzan since there was no snow in Akiu!

So happy I got to take pictures of Ginzan Onsen covered in snow♪


Fortunately Ginzan Onsen was covered in snow, so with trusty camera in hand, @yossy_photo took pictures of a winter scene truly like no other.

The results were breathtaking.


Source: @yossy_photo


Source: @yossy_photo


Source: @yossy_photo


Source: @yossy_photo

Now we know where we’re traveling to next winter.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.