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Japan’s Most Delicious Local Sashimi Donburi

Japanese food is delicious, but highly competitive as well. The seventh annual Furusato Matsuri Festival 2016 presents local foods across Japan from January 8th through 17th. It's a major food event where people pick their favorite dish and vote for the winner. This explains how Japanese keep their high quality standard of ramen, beef bowl, or authentic fried shrimp tempura.

The last day of the festival, the result of “The 7th National Local Donburi Championship” was announced. Donburi (bowl) is served in oversized rice bowls with various toppings on it. Most common ones in Japan include, Unadon (eel bowl), tendon (Shrimp bowl), or Gyudon (beef bowl) from the popular fast food chain store Sukiya. Of course, to win the first title, you have to be a lot more unique than those ordinary chain store restaurants that people eat at every day.

Aomori's "Hachinohe ginsaba torozuke don" won the Grand Prix

Fish: Chub mackerel

Kagoshima's "Sibushihatsu Kagoshima Kurobuta zanmai" won the second prize

Pork: Kagoshima

Hokkaido's "Tokachi Gyutorodon" won the third prize

Beef: Tokachi Subprefecture

Which one of the above will you like?

By - grape Japan editorial staff.