Safety comes first, and that's what helmets are for, but let's be honest--when you're cruising down the highway on your motorcycle, you don't mind the bonus of looking bad-ass doing it. While even the most basic helmet provides that in spades, now there's an option do that with a cat, and even anime-esque twist.

Nitrinos Motostudio is bringing you the Neko-Helmet. A helmet with firmly attached fiberglass cat-ears (Neko is Japanese for "cat"), that will have you looking sleek and perhaps even distractingly cute to others on the road. Anime fans will also note that it is an opportunity to look like Celty Sturluson from the popular light-novel inspired series Durarara!!

Celty Sturluson


Source: Durarara

It's not all aesthetics, either. Nitrinos produces the helmets in all sizes and has the helmets designed for both safety and comfort, saying that "The helmet has a removable lining of 100% polyester as well as the double ventilation. Fiberglass ears are firmly fixed to the body of the helmet, but in case of an accident, they are destroyed without any danger. The ears are performed of through type. Thus, up to a speed of 100 km / h, the ears do not generate additional resistance. Weight of the helmet is 1780 grams."

It's available in four custom-made styles.

Single color

A single color of your choosing on a cover of a layer of matte or glossy lacquer.


Two colors of your choosing, and you can provide a specific style for their painter to custom-make.

Tri-color option

Three colors of your choosing, and you can even send a picture of your outfit for them to custom-tailor the design of the helmet to.

Aerography design option

This order takes a bit more time, but if you provide a specific design or picture you want on the Neko-Helmet, their artist and custom paint it onto your helmet--so you could go full cat and get a picture of Grumpy Cat or Hello Kitty.

If you're interested in sporting a new neko look on the road (or are a Celty cosplayer), you can look into pricing and ordering at Nitrinos.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.