If Shinsuke Nakamura, of New Japan Pro-Wrestling (and now WWE) fame is the self-proclaimed "King of Strong Style", then Keiko Suzuki has got to be the Queen of Violin Style.

Keiko Suzuki is an award violinist who started playing at the age of four, but may as well have been born with one in hand with how talented she is. Her YouTube Channel and Facebook are a good place to check out her resume of awesome performances, but her most recent standout is a cover of Japanese pro-wrestler Shinsuke Nakamura's popular entrance theme, "Subconscious."

When news broke that Nakamura was leaving New Japan Pro-Wrestling, Suzuki, like many other fans, were saddened by the thought of not being able to see the charismatic wrestler affectionately known as "Swagsuke" in a Japanese ring. Still, Suzuki wanted to show her support for Nakamura's decision to challenge his dream at the world level, so he picked up her violin and even pulled off a stunning cosplay of Nakamura to dedicate this sweet rendition of his entrance theme to him. Take a listen, even if you don't know it!

Here's his actual entrance theme, for the sake of comparison.

In Japan, wrestling doesn't have quite the same social stigma that it can with non-fans in other countries. Comments like "you know it's fake, right?" aren't so common, and the performance art and athleticism are the main attraction. Nakamura is known for embracing that with dazzling Freddie Mercury-esque movements and hard-hitting strikes that tell stories fans and non-fans alike can't keep their eyes off of. Because of that, we'd say this is a very fitting performance. Bravo, Keiko!

If wrestling isn't your thing, don't worry, her Facebook page and YouTube channel have some other really sweet performances.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.