What’s better than an accessory that’s representative of Japanese traditional craft? One decorated with the pattern of Pac-Man.

Inden is a Japanese craft with over 400 years of tradition. Inden goods are made with deerskin, and lacquer is applied delicately onto the leather item. Once applied, the lacquer seeps into the leather and creates sophisticated patterns that gradually change over time. The technique has been passed down for centuries, and deerskin is used because it is a soft, light, flexible, and strong material. In fact, deerskin was originally used to make certain parts of samurai armor.

A pioneer of lacquer-based printing, Japanese traditional craft maker INDEN-YA has recently paid tribute to one of the most iconic games in history with their beautiful products — Pac-Man. It has been centuries since they were first established by Yushichi Uehara in 1528, and it appears that they are now giving a more modern twist to their traditional products.

This collaboration, called INDEN-YA × PAC-MAN, is to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the beloved Japanese game. The products are all adorned with the pattern of the Pac-Man maze; it’s almost as if you’re playing the panic-inducing game all over again.

The lineup is nothing short of spectacular, with goods spanning from wallets to inkan (name seal) cases.

Pop but traditional, they come in three colors — navy, black, and red. Smaller items like the coin purse can be bought for 2,500 yen (21 USD), while the long wallet is much more expensive at 21,500 yen (178 USD).

Unfortunately, they currently only ship nationwide. So if you live somewhere else but need to have these whimsical accessories, your best bet is to find a friend in Japan to buy them for you! Until then, you can ease your mind with a nostalgic game of Pac-Man.


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By - grape Japan editorial staff.