A Japanese Twitter user @TakahiroBessho's photos have been popular among other Twitter users. We have also shown some of his surrealistic photos at an airport in Osaka.

Now, he has posted a new set of photos in Lake Yogo, Shiga. The way the water reflects the scenery is so beautiful, that many people are saying that it's as beautiful as Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia.

Hello world, this is Uyuni of Japan. It's Yogo lake, actually.


Source: @TakahiroBessho


Source: @TakahiroBessho


Source: @TakahiroBessho


Source: @TakahiroBessho

These are wonderful photos indeed. Being able to shoot in a windless condition would help, but it seems that he gets a lot of help from post-processing tools.

Do check out other photos by @TakahiroBessho - they are a marvel to see.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.