The new Pokemon game, Great Detective Pikachu: Birth of a New Duo has a lot of people freaked out. While there seems to be no turning down a new entry in the series, this game features a different Pikachu than the one we are used to--one with a rough and gruff voice that is flat-out jarring to hear in the trailer.

While a mystery-solving Pikachu that speaks like a human and sounds like he makes love to a bottle of Jack while he works the beat was as shocking as the electric little critter himself, at least one fan realized that this was the perfect opportunity to bring in a suitable English voice actor: Danny Devito.

You might think of that as one hell of a bizarre combination, but this fan-made trailer by Tealhollow1 has convinced us that Danny Devito is the perfect fit for this film noir version of Pikachu. It makes even more sense when the Pokemon official site describes the new Detective Pikachu as being a little self-absorbed, having a soft spot for beautiful women, and being a coffee aficionado. Take a look and judge for yourself!

Well, if you're feeling like we're feeling head over to the official petition and sign your name. You can add it to the list of 37,772 people (at the time of writing) who have done so already!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.