This is perhaps the station in Japan that is nearest to the station. And it's not located in a distant land. It's in Yokohama.

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A scenic train station, right on the nose of Tokyo!

Umishibaura station is actually well known by many train manias. It is certainly a station with a great view.

You only go there to take in the stunning view

You walk straight out of the carriage to see Tokyo Bay appearing right in front of you.

Because this station is within the factory premise of Toshiba, normal passengers are unable to go outside the station. Instead, passengers stand by the platform to simply enjoy the view.

But the view is great enough to stand on its own - many people arrive at this station just for the sake of visiting.

Feeling of nostalgia

Because not a lot of passengers get on board at any one time, it gives you a false sense of feeling that you traveled to a faraway place. Because it offers nothing but a great view, Umishibaura station gives a lot of visitors a sense of nostalgia.

If you are in Tokyo, and you want to see one of the best spots for soaking in the views of the Tokyo Bay (and enjoying a train ride), do make sure you visit this place.

Note that services are not frequent; make sure you check the timetable and plan your day well before set your way there.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.