What would you do if your daughter tells you "I hate school; I don't want to go anymore"? What can we do to encourage her to enjoy schooling?

What the mother of Twitter user Akane (@kxqrx) had done, gives us a solution by one mother: cook imaginative bento lunch boxes almost everyday. And it's very heartwarming.


Source: @kxqrx


Source: @kxqrx


Source: @kxqrx

Today was the last day I get to eat my mum's packed lunch. For a year, my mum made these imaginative lunch after I've been telling her how much I hate school and don't want to go there. I opened the lid every day with great excitement and anticipation. I want to be like my mum one day.

Despite so much work she has, this mother spent time and effort making these wonderful lunch boxes. At times, she wrote a personal message using food, such as "laugh", "smile" and "beat'em to it".

And what a way her daughter responds: posting a Tweet with a compilation of lunch boxes of the past, thanking her mum that way.

And it's hard to beat the words "I want to be like you": I bet it's something many mothers want to hear.

Sometimes it's hard to get on with our lives, but in times like that, the support of someone who is close to you could make a huge difference. It certainly did for this young girl.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.