An artwork of whales floating in space; inside their bodies depicts the "order of things in the world".

This was one of the graduate exhibits at the Tokyo University of the Arts, which was open to public until January 31, 2016.

It was a work by a postgraduate student (design major) Isana Yamada (@isana0137); the title of the piece is "輪廻 Samsara", which is a Buddhist term for "cycle of existence".


In this work, six whales are swimming in a circle; these represents the six stages of Samsara.


Inside each whale encapsulates various objects, such as submarine volcano, sailboat, and a sea of clouds. Its mesmerizing beauty captured many people who had visited the exhibition.

This was perhaps my favorite work at the university's graduate exhibition. Although there are many artworks that capture things in resin, but having it in the shape of whales is good. It's really photogenic too.

I went to have a look at Isana Yamada's whales. You can view the exhibit from a wide variety of angles. The six whales apparently represent the circle of life. In photos, they appear as if they are made of water, but it looks a bit different in real life. It feels as if you could almost hear the movement of water in the ocean.

We've asked Yamada for some comments, and here's his response:

What was the challenge in creating this work?
The most difficult part was creating expressions through resin. I've done a lot of experiments using whales half the size as the actual exhibit, so that I can try and control the position and amount of bubbles, as well as muddiness.
What would be the highlights of your next exhibition?
In addition to the works I presented for the graduation exhibition, I intend to showcase a number of works that feature whales.

Yamada's next exhibition is scheduled to commence in March 2016 in Shinjuku. This work is also expected to be presented; do make a visit, if you are curious to see the work.

Exhibition by 3 Three-dimensional Artists
March 1, 2016 - March 6 2016
The Artcomplex Center of Tokyo

By - grape Japan editorial staff.