Lamps make for wonderful accents to a room, but some lamps are statements enough to be the centerpiece.

Japanese designer Yukio Takano is the creator of the Mushroom Lamp, a series of lamps that will turn your room into a magical forest. These whimsical lamps look exactly like mushrooms growing out of a tree stump, and for a second you’ll feel like you’ve wandered into the woods.

The mushrooms are made out of polymer clay while the trees are made from actual driftwood, making these Mushroom Lamps look as mystical and realistic as possible. When lit, the lamps give off a dim light, creating the perfect atmosphere for your room.

They look just as great during the daytime too, so you’ll be able to enjoy it every hour of the day.

Takano currently has 18 different types of Mushroom Lamps, from the White Cedar Cap to the Spring Green Slime Head. He also shares his other work on his blog (Japanese), where you can see all the lamps and more!

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By - grape Japan editorial staff.