If you’re wondering what you should give your boyfriend this year for Valentine’s Day, this Japanese website might be able to help.

Translated to English as the “Valentine’s Illustrated Encyclopedia Of Men.” this curious website chooses the perfect Valentine’s sweets to give to the man in your life according to his face type.

After surveying 30,000 Japanese men, experts created 25 categories of different face and personality types that they believed all Japanese men fall into. The average face of each category was then compiled and uploaded onto the online “encyclopedia.”

If you think that sounds weird, this is how it works.

① Upload your guy’s picture, or choose his face and personality type from the existing list.

He might be a Monkeyly Girlish Boy, or maybe a Birdly Predatory Boy.


Source: Kaozukan


Source: Kaozukan

② Discover the perfect Valentine’s Day chocolate for him.

Apparently raw chocolates are the best pick for Horsely Predatory Boys.


Source: Kaozukan


Source: Kaozukan

③ Ask him some questions.

What does Valentine’s Day mean to you? How many Valentine chocolates do you get every year? Do tell, we’re dying to know.


Source: Kaozukan

Frankly, it’s not much more than a silly way to have some fun, but the concept is rather interesting. We don’t yet know how well it works on non-Japanese faces, but it’s well worth a try. The only major downside is that it’s all in Japanese, so if you can’t read it, you’ll probably have to click around and try to figure things out from there.

As part of a Yahoo! Shopping campaign, the Valentine’s Illustrated Encyclopedia Of Men will be available online until February 14th. And since it’s run by Yahoo!, they can also direct you to their online store if you decide that you actually want to get the recommended sweets for your guy.

But we’re sure he’ll be happy with whatever you decide to give him. It’s from you, after all!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.