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Eight-Year-Old Sends Adorable Apology To Nintendo

Apologizing has some unique nuances in Japanese culture. People often use apology phrases as a means of expressing thanks and it's not uncommon to apologize for something that is not even remotely your fault. Because of that, Japan has garnered a bit of a reputation as an apology-heavy country. One eight year old boy who had a bad hand-held gaming experience may be overdoing it a bit, however, as he sent a hand-written apology to Nintendo for breaking his 3DS.

Twitter user illil posted a recounting of an 8 year old boy in Japan who unfortunately ruined his hand-held gaming device. The poor guy packed his Nintendo 3DS in his bag with a thermos that he forgot to properly seal shut, so it leaked and about 1/4 of the 3DS was soaked in water, rendering it unusable. So the kid phoned the Nintendo Customer Center and arranged for the damages to be repaired.

That's not all he did, however, as he attached this cute hand-written apology to the inoperable 3DS.


Source: @illil

It reads:

I'm very sorry for getting my 3DS (with a backwards "S") wet. I've resigned myself to never being able to see my 3DS, which is always with me, again. I will properly close my thermos lid from now. I so very sorry.

We're sure the staff at the Nintendo Customer Support Center are all very touched, and probably chuckling a bit. Either way, great way to show responsibility at a young age, kid--a pure-hearted child may just understand the consumer-company level on a deeper level than all of us.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.