Who doesn’t like card games? It's true that card games may seem a lot boring compared to those fancy game apps on your phone. But things were't that cool in the past, plus less digitalized. Board games like monopoly were already good enough for enjoyment.

Two brothers went on a visit to their childhood and found something interesting that they worked on really hard when they were kids – The Creature Cards Box.

Inside the box include hundreds of cards (or paper) that were inspired by Yugi-oh and Pokemon. Both had produced side merchandise on card games, and each card includes a description of ability, profile, status, and possible special effect.

Although these two brothers had fallen in love with those card games that were liked by many kids, they couldn't afford them because they were kids, so they crafted and wrote everything in detail on each one of them by themselves.

Dyson Fafita. The design is based off the Troy McClure from the Simpsons and the name is from the vacuum cleaner brand, Dyson. There was too much writing to fit on one card so we had to make another card for his special card effect.

Dyson Fafita/ HP80/ MP80/ Special Card Effect

Biotoxic Virus/ HP90/ MP90/ Special Card Effect

The writings on the cards is a bit too squiggly to read perhaps, but they knew every card by heart because they were the inventors. Besides that, they even upgraded by adding their own favorite design, the Simpsons. The passion and curiosity from kids are truly amazing.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.