Source: aohata

Matcha Jam Is The New Way For Your Breakfast Toast

Japanese food has a variety of flavors in almost everything, and they never stop creating new things. Japanese jam dispenser company Verde is famous in creating tons of flavors, such as strawberry, blueberry, chocolate, butter, oligo honey, and the classic peanut butter we all love.

As for this time, they upgraded their standards by promoting their newest jam, the strong Matcha flavor jam. Japan sells many things with matcha because of the unique powder texture that is different from normal green tea. Japan’s Starbucks even has a Matcha Frappuccino on their menu list. Now, we can throw away the old peanut butter and jelly mind concept and replace with this exotic Matcha jam on our bread.

But delivering just strong flavor Matcha jam is not enough for Verge’s standards. To go beyond that, they added a milk-flavored cream with it. The milky white chocolate balances out the strong matcha flavor, creating a creamy and bittersweet taste. A secret combination to reserve long lasting taste and not getting tired out of it. Available in a four-pack, it will be on sale from February 19th for 162 yen (US$1.38).

By - grape Japan editorial staff.