The best way to survive a disaster is to be prepared, even if that means sending out an entire troop of police officers and zoo staff in a pseudo-attempt to capture a human in a zebra costume. In other words, Ueno Zoo’s annual disaster drills are pretty insane.

Ueno Zoo in Tokyo just recently released this year’s footage of their disaster drill. This time, they simulated a situation in which an animal starts running loose immediately after a large earthquake; more specifically, a panicked zebra galloping around the premises, its caretakers injured and unavailable to assist with the capture.

The zebra is calm at first


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But starts panicking from all the people and noise


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It even attacks someone

“We need a doctor!”


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But it’s soon "shot" with a tranquilizer gun


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And carried off in a truck


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The zoo curator seemed satisfied, saying this year’s drill was another solid success.


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The woman who played the part of the zebra (who is also one of the zoo staff) spoke of the difficulties of acting as a panicked animal. She also shared that thanks to this experience, she might be able to empathize better with frightened animals in similar situations in the future.


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Although people in Japan are skeptical of whether these drills are actually useful, it’s certainly entertaining. We just hope that when disaster strikes, they’ll really be ready to help all of their precious animals.

Watch the full capture here:

By - grape Japan editorial staff.