Talent and hard work don't have age limits, and that can be seen in this short feature by the Great Big Story network, which explores the life of Ashima Shiraishi, a 14-year-old girl from Queens, New York, who is already a world class rock climber.


Source: YouTube

At the age of six, Ashima's parents, who immigrated to the United States from Japan, took her to Central Park, where she was first introduced to rock climbing. Since then it has become her passion and something she can't imagine herself living without. In the video feature, she states that her small size (if you don't count those amazing delts) is not an obstacle, and actually allows her to hold on longer and fit more fingers on rocks.

Her resume speaks for itself.


Source: YouTube

She explains rock climbing as not just an athletic challenge, but rhythmic movement saying "I think that climbing...is obviously a sport, but it's also like a dance...you sort of have to be able like, flow up the wall and come up with your own technique to get to the top..." Perhaps she takes after her father, who was trained in the Japanese dance theater of Butoh (舞踏).

Take a minute to see what this young girl is doing at an age where homework alone can seem impossible. Keep climbing, Ashima!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.