Awesome cats and delicious Japanese food recipes are good enough to be enjoyed on their own, so why not combine them for a uniquely informative and adorable cooking series on YouTube? That's exactly what Jun's Kitchen does. In the series, Jun travels with his gorgeous orange cat Kohaku to the supermarket, where they pick out and explain the ingredients for the tasty Japanese dishes they are about to cook in easy to understand fashion. Kohaku watches with varying levels of interest from atop a refrigerator.

Kohaku really enjoys the bike ride to the supermarket.


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Then it's on to picking out fresh ingredients.


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The fridge is Kohaku's preferred seat.


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Aesthetics are always important in Japanese cooking.


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So is keeping the cat entertained.


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Even though he falls asleep sometimes.


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But sushi like that will wake anyone up!


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So how about some cooking lessons? They're all quite easy to make if you can get your hands on the right ingredients (and there are a few for which substitutes will do), and most importantly delicious looking. You may have some Japanese food items in your rotation, but Jun's Kitchen will help you spark some creative courage to try out some not-so-often tried standouts.

Sushi designed to look like Japanese Koi

Or Chicken Namban, a Miyazaki prefecture specialty that may not be the first thing to come to mind when thinking of Japanese food. It's Japanese karaage (fried chicken) seasoned with vinegar and topped with tartar sauce.

Chicken Nanban

Or a nice staple of Japanese comfort food, omelette rice (omu-rice).


So check out Jun's channel and get to cooking--with this little cute guy as some extra motivation. All videos have English subtitles.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.